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[_] Google apps for charities

Steve James us.redpumas at
Thu Sep 8 12:19:29 BST 2011

On 7 September 2011 18:00,  <mikek at> wrote:
> Hi Drew
>>> A client of ours who is a small charity is getting very interested in
>>> moving their email over to google so that can use apps and mail across
>>> their organisation.
>> Apologies if it's a dumb question, but I presume they're not so small
>> that the standard / free edition would be enough?
>> I've set up a few (non-US) charities with the free edition.
>> I hadn't realised that "In 2011, the limit on the free Google Apps
>> product was further reduced to 10 users, effective for new users."
>> (according to wikipedia).
>> It used to be 50, but only 10 users is pretty limiting, which is a shame.
>> I suppose a somewhat dubious workaround might be to see if anyone has
>> an old account that could be recycled by adding more domains to it (I
>> think that would work, but would have to check).
> I think initially we could just get away with up to 10 users but think
> that that might fail us in the long run. The charity gets lots of
> volunteers and instructors and i'm sure they'll need to pull them under
> the main domain url for email.
> Might have to look instead for a fancy webmail client and use it against
> the IMAP mail they've already got. Afterall the problem they've got
> relates to hotdesking and not wanting to be configured into outlook etc.
> mikek

Hi Mike,

It might be more work than using Google Apps for domains as intended
but if you keep the existing email set up each one of those email
addresses could be associated with a Google Account. They would then
get the ability to have spreadsheets and calendars.

Not as clean and tidy, bit more admin work but might help. Erm maybe
even set up a gmail account (rather than plain google account) and
have that connect to the IMAP server and configure to send and recieve
as per charity's domain?