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[_] Expression Engine and other CMSs

Drew Webber drew.m.j.webber at
Fri Feb 25 11:31:09 GMT 2011

Hi Gabe,

> I've also looked at Drupal but it apparently requires even greater
> development skills, which in my case would involve employing a developer.

As you may well know, Drupal 7 was released recently, and the project
founder says:

"There are a lot of people like you; i.e. people that decided to use
Joomla or Wordpress in favor of Drupal because Drupal is harder to
use. The people that persisted with Drupal often had to because of
missing features or lack of flexibility in Joomla or Wordpress. Based
on early feedback from Drupal 7 users, I'm confident that Drupal 7
will be a game changer in this regard. This is an important message to
carry out to designers and developers outside of the Drupal
community." [1]

There's a lot of debate within the Drupal community about whether the
project should strive towards being a platform for developers, or
focus on ease of use for non-developers (and whether these are
mutually exclusive goals), but I would certainly encourage you to have
a look at Drupal Gardens - for example - which:

"... is designed for people who want a quick, affordable way to build
a website with a great design and lots of flexibility without the need
for programming or IT maintenance." [2]

Not to say Drupal's the right tool for every project, but the new
release certainly warrants a look to check the validity of Drupal's
reputation for requiring "greater development skills" than some of the