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[_] Evening all

Edward Rogers monty at
Thu Feb 24 15:45:03 GMT 2011


I've been a subscriber to underscore for a few weeks now and I thought it 
was time I introduced myself.

My name's Ed, I direct a very new CIC called Bristol Braille Technology. 
We are building an exciting new assistive device for, guess who, the 
blind. I'm also a web designer and this is what used to pay the bills, as 
BBT is not yet fully funded.

I got put onto Under-Score by a gentleman who runs a web business on North 
Street, Bedminster, and I'm grateful to him. So far have responded to one 
vacancy Under-Score made me aware of but, last minute, this interview had 
to be called off.

I should therefore like to post a brief request for work, to sustain the 
BBT work as well as myself. However I'll refrain from doing so until I'm 
sure its OK, and that it wouldn't be terribly impolite of me to do so.



Ed Rogers at
+44(0)7908 569 214
Bristol Braille Technology