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[_] Tuesday bummer

Oliver Kohll - Mailing Lists oliver.lists at
Thu Feb 24 10:50:16 GMT 2011

On 24 Feb 2011, at 00:10, Amias Channer <me at> wrote:

>> I've often thought a website for Bristol events would be good,
>> certainly something that would become my top site in the Safari
>> dashboard.
> something like you mean ?
> the guy who does it is a really nice chap and i'm sure would be
> interested in integrating maps, although he is quite busy so you
> might have to take on the lions share of it.

Thanks. Thanks too to Tom for his reply. Although I'm mostly interested in music myself, I was thinking of something that brings together everything - music, theatre, films, arts, performance. Somewhere you can look in if you think 'I fancy doing something on Tuesday', the way you can with Time Out in London. I've bought a domain name but for now that's all, nothing's likely but I'll continue to mull. Tom's theatre site had RSS but in general I suppose scraping is frowned on these days even if you direct people to the original sites.

Oliver Kohll