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[_] Shell script and CRON issues

Peter Williamson pw at
Mon Feb 21 11:29:21 GMT 2011

Thanks Tim,

> * What user are you running this cronjob as?

    Logged in as user vnc, then just ran crontab -e from their to add the 
    The script is owned and grouped as vnc, as is the folder.

> * Are you writing to stdout or stderr?
> * What's the full command you're telling cron to run?

    The command is :
        bash /home/vnc/backups/ >> /home/vnc/backups/backup.log 2> 

    And that backup.log file is completely empty, so it's not getting to any 
stage of the script as I've got an echo before each stage.

> * Are all paths absolute?
    Yes, all paths start of with /, in the crontab file and in the script 

Any more ideas?