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[_] anti-virus recommendations

Paul Deane Paul.Deane at
Fri Feb 18 09:20:09 GMT 2011

IMO - If you don't want to pay, AVG is still very good. I use it on my
netbook and have never had any problems.

If you want proper control over what your AV does, like the ability to
turn off different elements, ESET is excellent.

Absolutely avoid Norton, McAfee etc. They invade every element of your
system, slow it down and are a bugger to remove. But are OK for your


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MS Security Essentials is good, free and doesn't seem to abuse the  
computer or user.

They aren't trying to upsell you either, so you don't get the constant  
annoying fake-required-updates


> Hello _.
> Having avoided Windows for several years now I've no idea where we are
> with anti-virus software these days and my daughters netbook has been
> stuffed by something unpleasant. Any recommendations? Free preferable
> (obviously).
> Jake

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