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[_] web based spreadsheets (was Fwd: Underscore Digest, Vol 90, Issue 26)

Mark Chitty mark.chitty at
Thu Feb 17 13:45:57 GMT 2011

Hi Barry,

I'm almost done on a project which uses SocialCalc ( to manage spreadsheet
data, it should let you do formatting but I'm not sure about validation tbh.
Each spreadsheet is stored as a string within the db and then manipulated
via javascript before being saved.

The site uses Drupal as a CMS along with the Sheetnode module(s) ( to integrate with SocialCalc. There are
additional helper modules within sheetnode to import/export with Google Docs
but I have yet to make use of this (outside scope for the moment).

The main downside is that the data is all displayed/manipulated via
javascript, so I've ended up writing a module that renders the data as HTML
within the page so it can be indexed by google et al.



Mark Chitty
email: mark.chitty at
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