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Daniel Page jimmybreeze at
Wed Feb 16 12:50:57 GMT 2011

Hi Paddy,

Thanks for your suggestions, I tried the PDF Pro method and unfortunately it
still came out in exactly the same way; the headers and info are all all in
the wrong places and need rearranging. I'm just not sure there's going to be
an easy way to do this really as it isn't that code or irrelevant info etc.
is in the way as such.

My problem is that sections of text are all in the wrong order.

Problem being, the correct order isn't really something I can see being
detected in any way other than me comparing it manually to the original
document (I can't really use a rule/macro etc) :/



On 16 February 2011 12:29, Paddy Uglow <paddy at> wrote:

> (re exporting InDesign to text document)
> H Daniel,
> This one worked for me on a test page with a few frames.
> If you've got Acrobat Pro:
> 1. Export InDesign to PDF
> 2. Open PDF in Acrobat Pro.
> 3. File/Export/Text/Plain
> It kept my text frames separate, which cut'n'pasting out of a PDF doesn't
> do
> so well.
> Any good, or don't you have Acrobat Pro?
> Another option is to export as InDesign Interchange and ask for some
> Regular
> Expression help in something like TextWrangler text editor - all my text
> content was appearing between <pcnt></pcnt> tags so it's probably not
> mega-complicated to discard anything that's outside those.
> - Paddy
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