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[_] Streaming Servers!

Dan Course dan at
Tue Feb 15 12:31:03 GMT 2011

Morning List,

There's a mini-quagmire of streaming fun this morning. 

We're building a site using HTML5 <insert flames after> and specifically using the video tag to deliver video onto AS MANY devices as possible including iPad, IE, Chrome and all the rest =P

However, it looks like the basic usual server setup isn't going to cut it with the videos size and the client's expectations of the site (300 people all trying to watch at once on a crappy internal network). So, now we need to look at proper streaming...

However, things like Adobe Streaming server, surely that just runs flash files? What about my webMs and MP4s?

Should we be looking at a CDN Amazon S3 account, or is that not right for videos?

Any help appreciated as always!

<insert HTML5 & iPad & Chrome & IE flames here/>

dan course
technical director
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