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[_] Underscore Digest, Vol 90, Issue 27

Rich Rock-Evans richrock at
Mon Feb 14 13:05:58 GMT 2011

> you really should , its important that companies see that people
> do notice and will tell others when they are being badly treated.
> Not everyone is going to read it but it will help others in similar
> situation who might be too nervous to sort it out themselves.
> When speaking to anyone in a call centre i ask permission to record
> the call before doing anything else , keeps them totally honest by
> letting them know law enforcement could be listening at some point.
> Toodle-pip
> amias
> </lurk>

That's something I've always wondered about doing when fighting the big
corporates.  Having issues with Virgin at the moment.  Does anyone have any
good ways of recording calls?  There's a few apps on the iPhone but they all
seem to contain dialers.