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[_] windows emulator for a mac

Sam Urquhart sam at
Mon Feb 14 12:39:58 GMT 2011

Hi _,
I have a client with a 2 macs, (desktop in the office & laptop at
home)  who needs to be able to regularly view (but not edit) the
contents of an Equinox database which lives on a PC in the same
The guy who programmed the database is proposing we put some kind of
pc emulator on her mac(s) so he can install a client on there that
will allow her to view backup files from the db which would be updated

I haven't used a virtual pc since my first experience of one in about
'97 (when we stood around pointing & shaking our heads, saying "but it
just looks so wrong...") but I've been reading a bit and it seems that
VirtualBox would be sufficient for her
Just wondered if anyone has any advice..?
Thanks in advance