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[_] mac mini and router - first past the post

Chris Dawson chris at
Mon Feb 7 10:10:57 GMT 2011

good suggestion tom - treat the cause not the symptoms. will suggest this.

and yes, it's ADSL.

> From: Tom Gidden <tom at>>
> 1. When you say "connect to the internet", what do you mean? I'm presuming you
> don't mean modem dial-up, etc., as I'm guessing that's what the router's for.
> 2. Why not just put both on a UPS?  If he's in The Middle Of Nowhere and
> getting frequent power cuts, it's fairly likely the power's quite dirty and a
> spike could blow the power supplies of the Mac and/or the router anyway. A UPS
> could protect against that, to some degree.
> Tom