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[_] mac mini and router - first past the post

Ryan Maunder ryan at
Mon Feb 7 09:00:35 GMT 2011

Without modifying the kernel/startup files (which is likely to be a proper
headache if possible) I can't think of a way of 'scripting' a delayed
startup however...

It is possible to buy a little extra time on bootup by 'not' selecting a
startup disc in 'System Preferences'.

The system first looks for netboot if no startup path is specified and takes
approx 10 secs longer than a 'selected' boot.

Best way to accomplish this is insert a bootable Mac OS DVD/CD, select it
for boot and then eject it. This might just give your friend the time he/she

I guess it might be possible to also script the Network Interface to renew
it's DHCP lease which might also work but that would be the more complicated


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> Conversation: mac mini and router - first past the post
> Subject: [_] mac mini and router - first past the post
> a friend has a house in devon which has a ground source heating system
> remotely controlled by an oldish mac mini (so he can log in from elsewhere
> and control it).
> his problem is that when there are power cuts (seem to be reasonably
> regular!) the router and mac mini both restart, and the mac beats the router
> to it and tries to connect to the internet, fails and for some reason
> doesn't try again.
> if he's there he can nudge the mac to connect and things are fine.
> anyone know a way of delaying the startup of a mac mini, or at least it's
> initial attempt to connect to the internet?
> thanks,
> chris
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