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[_] moodle anyone?

Tim Corkerton tim at
Thu Feb 3 16:33:53 GMT 2011

Moodle does so many things by the look of it and to replicate that with
Drupal feels like a waste of time. SCORM content yes, also question and test
authoring, loads of resources online, grading and evaulation, real time
messaging, reports to name a few.

I was thinking of building courses with a Drupal frontend and somehow
linking it in with also creating a course in Moodle. Drupal could then use
the faceted Solr search for the courses. I don't see any faceted search
facility in moodle and there could be thousands of courses.

What about using moodle webservices to couple the two?


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>moodle pretty much does it all!? are you thinking of building course
>content with drupal?