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[_] Swap Macbook HDDs?

Tom Gidden tom at
Wed Apr 27 22:45:37 BST 2011

On 27 Apr 2011, at 21:53, Steve Kirtley wrote:

> I was comparing to my (outdated) experience of Windows OS... where if you
> swap hard drives it will moan about missing drivers/generally have a fit at
> being in different hardware.
> OSX will just boot whatever model of apple host machine it's in....

...or even a host machine it's NOT in, thanks to Target Disk Mode. It'll run either 32- or 64-bit; won't install any extra software; and certainly won't ask to reactivate the OS because some hardware's changed.

I'm expecting to spend the Bank Holiday weekend reinstalling my MBP on a new Momentus XT hybrid HD/SSD drive, and I know it's going to be fairly straightforward. I'm not expecting the Windows partition to survive intact, however. Boo hoo.

(Just so this isn't a 100% gushing Apple lovefest: I was hoping to hold off the reinstall until Lion release, but my machine's so gummed up with crap right now, it's running about half the speed it should, and some stuff's behaving strangely. At one point, you've just got to go to town on it with a fresh OS install.)


Tom Gidden