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[_] OT: Selling my Kindle 3G+Wifi

Pete Fairhurst pete.fairhurst at
Mon Apr 25 12:11:12 BST 2011

Hi all,

I'm selling my Amazon Kindle.  It's the latest Kindle 3G+Wifi model in
Graphite Grey, and also comes with the official Amazon Light Case in brown.

I bought it at the start of February this year, still have all the original
packaging and accessories, and both the Kindle and the light case are in
pristine A1 condition:

Kindle, case & packaging

Nestling in its case

With the built-in LED case light extended

USB cable, charging adaptor and quick start guide

This isn't on fleaBay yet, as I wanted to give Underscorers a fair shake
first before piling into the maelstrom of online auctions later this week.
 I'll be posting it up on Thursday night if no-one here is interested.

>From Amazon, the pair cost me £210.  Given their as-new condition, I'm
looking for offers over £150.

Please reply off-list if you're interested, or give me a tinkle on 07790 959
263.  "Strictly no agencies," or something.  ;-D

- Pete

PS: If you'd like to inspect da goods, I'll be in Bristol on Wednesday and
Thursday and work just above Forbidden Planet.


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