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[_] Hosting for a mapping application

Alex Bovey alex at
Wed Apr 13 10:33:22 BST 2011

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Daniel Hilton <daniel.hilton at> wrote:
> No sensible, you could use rackspace cloud servers and cloudfiles,
> which gives you free network traffic between them, and access to the
> limelight CDN as well.

Thanks Dan - I had looked at Rackspace Cloud but last time I checked
they didn't allow you to have your own folder structure, and I think
it was limited to 5 Gb of storage as well - not sure why - but it
might be enough anyway.  A few others seem to have a limit of a few Gb
which made me question whether I was trying to use the service for
something it wasn't designed for.

> Or Amazon offer a similar setup.

Cheers will look at S3 a bit more closely too.

> How often are you going to be regenerating / drawing your tiles? Would
> you need a dedicated map rendering vps? Or are you not doing any on
> the fly just batch creation?

Valid point - it's just a one-off and the guys that are building the
actual application will be doing that anyway, so not something I need
to worry about.

Cheers, Alex