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[_] 32 or 64 bit W7?

Martin Moore martin.moore at
Tue Apr 12 20:52:18 BST 2011

Time for a new laptop, my XP EeePC netbook has been great, but is suffering
from the inevitable slowdown after 3 years.
I bought the Mrs a 64bit W7 laptop which is very quick, but has had problems
('64 bit compatible' Quickbooks has issues for example).
I use Office 2003 or 2007, Delphi 7 (appears to be OK after some googling),
SQL Server (again looks OK), plus the usual techy things like Putty,various
browsers, PGAdmin etc etc.
So, given that there's not much advantage in 64bit over 32 unless I want
4+Gb RAM, should I play safe and go 32 bit if I can find one, or take a leap
and go 64bit?