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[_] Current recommendations for 37" LCD TVs?

Andy Davies dajdavies at
Mon Apr 11 09:13:35 BST 2011

On 11 April 2011 09:05, Dan Fairs <dan.fairs at> wrote:

>>> I'd second Oliver's advice. I've got a 3-yo 32" Toshiba which tops out at
> 1080i. We feed in HD sources from the PS3 (watching Blu-ray) and from the
> Xbox. Sitting on the sofa about 8 feet away, you wouldn't notice that it
> wasn't 1080p.
> (To be honest, after about 10 minutes of whatever you're watching, you
> forget it's even HD.)
> Just make sure it's got plenty of inputs. I already find the two HDMIs mine
> came with quite limiting, and switch boxes are a faff - an expensive faff
> for one that's reliable, at that.
I've got a 32" Toshiba that my brother decided was too small for him, only
goes up to 1080i but that's fine for most of the stuff we watch (got 3 HDMI,
2 SCART, 1 Composite, VGA).

We found a decent up-scaling DVD player was better at up-scaling DVD than
the TV, but that's not surprising given given the TV would have been trying
to up-scale an analog picture from SCART.

We tend to want most TV off our Topfield and the quality of Freeview
broadcasts is abysmal, they just seem to keep squashing the bitrate to make
more channels.