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[_] Best email subscriber/newsletter service?

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri Apr 8 12:17:43 BST 2011

Lewis Dexter Litanzios asked:
> - is it still the best?

No and it never was.  I think it doesn't support basic mailing list
standards like List-Id and List-Help headers (IETF RFC 2919 and 2369
respectively) so its emails get spamtrapped quite commonly and
irritate others.  I think it does clean up its recipient lists on
errors, though, which is more than some do.

> Has anyone used an alternative I should check out?

The hosted service market still seems to be a market for lemons with
failure to provide basic features and hard-to-compare advertising.
Look at self-hosting if you can.

Am I being too harsh?  Is there a good review which found a service
which provides both the basic technical features which postmasters
want and the flashier stuff which users think to ask for?

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