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[_] offline video capture - iPad2 (or other tablet) app

Jonathan Matthew Burke imprecision at
Thu Apr 7 14:48:19 BST 2011

On 7 Apr 2011, at 14:27, Rob wrote:

> Not really. If your client is a large enterprise, then they can get an enterprise licence which allows them to create sign and install apps on their devices.
> If your client is a small company, then they are likely to get declined from the program.
> I have no idea where apple draws the line between large and small.

Apple use D&B ( to see if your company has at least 500 employees. If you pass that they'll allow an enterprise license.

A process that can be frustrating as you're reliant on D&B updating their records. Which for UK companies seems to be annually and they only take what you publish in your Companies House annual return. (So if your number of employees isn't in there, you'll get a "fail" regardless.)