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[_] Junior Dev Requirement

Thomas Buckley-Houston tom at
Tue Apr 5 10:21:36 BST 2011

We're looking for a JNR Dev to join our ever expanding team here at
digital visitor.

If you can make the following statements you may apply.

- I would like to work on Park St
- I would like to be able to tell my friends I work in social media
- I drink flat whites
- I am obsessed with twitter
- I enjoy Facebook but its not what it used to be
- I wear skinny jeans
- I am interested in learning commercial HTML, CSS, PHP, Zend, YUI,
jQuery & Flash from seasoned experts.

No experience necessary, just a passion for web and evidence of some
experiments, personal projects and skills honing.

Send CV or pass on pls :D


PS I (tom{at} have posted this on behalf of Nick
(nick{@}, because he can't seem to post to
Underscore anymore, has he been blocked or something?