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[_] Mac Book Battery Life

Fraser Stephens frstep at
Thu Jul 29 09:13:21 BST 2010

I safely clear 5 hours on my 13" MBP, doing normal work (editing
files, email, surfing, excel, keynote, etc - not rendering movies or
repeatedly compiling things).

I believe getting the 10 hours would be possible if you did
*everything* in your power to conserve battery: dim the screen, turn
off everything possible, use just textedit and only save once per
hour. (With my old iBook I once took minutes into textedit for an all
day meeting held where there was no power. Got over 6.5 hours of run
time, which was above the claimed battery life)


On 28 July 2010 22:08, Jon Hadley <me at> wrote:
>> Anybody getting anything near 10 hours as claimed?
> My venerable MacBook (not Pro) got 6-7 hours non-stop use on one
> charge when it was new.
> 2 years+ later its more like 2-3....
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