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[_] iPhone upgrade

Tom Gidden tom at
Wed Jul 28 22:49:09 BST 2010

On 28 Jul 2010, at 22:13, Jon Hadley wrote:

>> No-one is offering the iPhone 4 with truly unlimited data.
> Saw an Orange executive on BBC news t'other day, saying that all
> networks now admitted they couldn't give unlimited data anymore.

And yet Orange are the only major network still disingenuously using the word "unlimited", albeit with small print.  The others have mostly eliminated that word in favour of just saying what the limit is.  Heck, I'd even prefer it if they said "enough" rather than "unlimited".

What irks me is that it's actually fooling some people (and journalists).

If you ask me, a far better way of doing this would be for the networks to traffic shape proportional to the user's usage (and demand), rather than capping or charging an excess... effectively no hard limits, but just an increasingly throttled connection over a certain level.

I'd even be comfortable with the use of the word "unlimited" in that case.


Tom Gidden