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[_] Google : cracking nuts with sledge hammers

Richard Dennys richard.dennys at
Fri Jul 23 16:52:14 BST 2010

yes, google places is one of the main things Google will focus on i.e
location based advertising suing GEO-search. Streetview is part of building
the inventory and traffic needed to make direct advertising on there a no

Google realises that soon, many people will be out and about and searching
on keyboard/monitors at their desks - more that we will just refer to our
handsets through Geo-Search.

at some point you can browse an entire highstreet, etc, or pub, or shop, or
rural hotel and the prices offered by those places will pop up as you
approach or pass by

Its all about a year away, and rumoured that Android 3.0/gingerbread will
have it all built in.

I keep meaning to write a paper about all this.


On 23 July 2010 16:42, Nick Clarkson <nick_clarkson at> wrote:

> I'm struggling to understand why Google have made it their mission to
> photograph the entire face of the earth. Street view / Google Earth seem
> nothing more than a curios or oddities.
> Is there some massive B2B application that I'm missing here?
>  or are they making so much money through
> PPC that they can do anything they want speculatively?
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