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[_] wordpress trouble - widgets out of sync with their pages

Alex Older hunter at
Fri Jul 23 09:42:04 BST 2010

How do you sidebars function?

One suggestion would be to use dynamic_sidebar() and set up one for each
page if thats now how it's being done already.

On 22 July 2010 17:59, Chris Dawson <chris at> wrote:

> a client is using wordpress to manage a site but we've come across a
> strange
> problem where the widgets assigned to the sidebars of existing pages get
> out
> of sync whenever we add *new* pages to the site.
> so, widgets - and their settings - assigned to a page 'jump' onto another
> (seemingly random) page when a new page is added to the site.
> i don't know if it's a theme problem (i wrote to the OFT theme developer
> who
> said no-one else has reported this, but they probably would say that...),
> or
> if it's something more fundamental, or a slightly corrupted database.
> everything else seems to be working ok.
> it's not doing it to *all* pages, just some of them, and it seems to be a
> little random (although hard to tell what it's actually doing).
> anyone else ever seen anything like this? any suggestions for fixes? if the
> database has got it's page IDs muddled somewhere - anyone know a way of
> getting it to reset/recalibrate??
> it happens if we add a new page. we don't have to visit the widget
> management page following the page addition to see the problem.
> chris
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