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[_] Printing social network friends as a mosaic

Thomas Buckley-Houston tom at
Wed Jul 21 12:41:45 BST 2010

> CSS rules are always web safe. Fonts however aren't, Verdana, Helvetica,
> Georgia etc have had literally *years *of hinting work put into them to
> make
> them work reliably for everyone, at any size, on any type of screen. This
> is
> the reason they are so huge, thousands of tweaks and adjustments. Most
> font's you get from places like Typekit aren't designed for screen, they
> are
> designed for print, or to work at larger sizes.
That's my understanding too and some @font-face fonts clearly aren't meant
for screen. But check the screenshot from my environment (Linux/Chrome 5), perfect rendering! So
this must clearly point to the OS's font rendering rather than the
browser's. Damn, so I must concede that websafe is the proper solution here,
in order to serve the most environments with the best experience.

Thanks :)