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[_] Printing social network friends as a mosaic

James Tarling james.tarling.lists at
Tue Jul 20 12:21:20 BST 2010

Hi Tom.

> i'd like to see the services proper fonts on the buttons for myspace
> facebook and twitter. I'm also not mad keen on the bubble font you are
> using which seems too fat, whilst the body font is too skinny.
> the layout of the checkout page is a bit vague with labels not lining up
> with their respective values.
> with a bit of sharpening on the layout, i think this could end up super
> sweet.

I think it's excellent - it worked exactly as I wanted it to - nice
and straightforward, and 59p was a good price.

I agree with Mike's points about tweaking the layout to make it even better.

I hope it's a success for you.