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[_] new look bbc

Tim Beadle tim.beadle at
Wed Jul 14 11:37:46 BST 2010

On 14 July 2010 11:21, Tim Wintle <timwintle at> wrote:
> It would help if they switched on gzip for the main page!
> They've done a lot of work on optimisation though - everything's been
> run through YUICompressor or similar, there are separate domains etc.

Not all of the scripts have been crunched, and they really need to be
combined into fewer files to avoid so many requests.

> To be fair, 260Kb of that is images - and you do expect the site to have
> lots of images.

Agreed, and they're using sprites where possible to reduce requests,
so it looks like they've done a partial job. Maybe there was
management pressure to go live today, when it wasn't *quite* ready,
because it's some bigwig's cat's birthday or some other arbitrary
reason. Wouldn't surprise me.

> I do think that 900Kb is unacceptable though.


> My thoughts would be:
>  (1) Turn on gzip for
>  (2) switch to a different domain
> ( - I'm sending 900 bytes of cookies with every
> request there.
>  (3) glow has a separate loader library - but it's not being used
> asynchronously (from memory I'm fairly sure it can be)

YSlow again:
Grade F on Make fewer HTTP requests (combine those CSS & JS files!)
Grade F on Add Expires headers
Grade F on Compress components with gzip (already mentioned)
Grade F on Put JavaScript at bottom
Grade D on Minify JavaScript and CSS (partially done)

I'm ignoring "Grade F on Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)" as the
BBC has its own CDN that YSlow doesn't recognise.