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[_] CSS Text / image hyperlink problem

Ian Dyer iamdyer at
Wed Jul 7 17:13:56 BST 2010


Hello, hi.


Does anyone know if there is a way of discriminating body text hyperlinks with an image hyperlink in that same body area? Here's my quite specific problem:


I don't want the underline of a text hyperlink to be the same colour as the text itself when hovering. I want the underlined part to be a different colour, hence I am using the class:


a:hover { border-bottom:1px solid #00aaff;} instead of just changing the colour of the text on hover.

So the problems is - if I have an image hyperlinked, then that bottom border is being picked up, which is pants.


I am using Wordpress, so a nice, generic CSS fix would be splendid, I don't want to be wrapping things in divs and spans on every post (unless there is a way of changing the behaviour of 'insert' buttons to wrap divs around images? I haven't used Wordpress much before).