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[_] Lovely rants + Dreamweaver + Mac vs PC

Steve Roome me at
Sun Feb 28 17:58:49 GMT 2010

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 05:27:44PM -0000, Guy Walker wrote:
> Silly rants, we all know passwords need to be secure, no need for anyone to
> abuse people to discover that one. *Estate agents have leniency

I doubt that's actually as true as we'd like.

> But if it boils down to it, most of us don’t spend 9 hours a day staring at
> our desktop, we spend 9 hours a day staring at a monitor. 
> My best tips would be 
> * Get a nice monitor or two, they need to suit you, look nice and be easy on
> your eyes.

This is the definitely the best advice I've read on the topic, can't argue
with that. (damn and blast :) !)

> * The hardware for a PC will always be better for the price you paid for
> that lovely Mac.

I think always is perhaps the wrong word here. Often the same hardware works
on both, I spent a few hours trying to get a Windows Vista laptop to work
with a Serial IO dongle last year, driver hell. Same dongle worked fine on
my mac powerbook, and at x/hour the number of hours to get the damn thing
to work cost in that case at least ten times the price of the hardware.

> * It may look like crap, deep down it's running like a dream, really who
> cares how it looks?

I do, and I'm sure some reasonable people do too as well.

> * Go for a AMD Quad Core 2.8 with 4-8GB DDR2 or 4GB DDR3 RAM - Any amount of
> hard drives you wish - and a nice case + Silent fans.

Out of interest, why do you suggest this ?

I've yet to find a silent fan or cpu cooler arrangement that actually compares
to the heat dissipation and decibels from this Mac mini either. Can you suggest
any good ones ?

> Sorry if you're not allowed to answer multiple post's in single posts, but
> too much like effort on a lazy day to send three separate emails.

I didn't think we even had rules here, other than the rather obvious:
"It'd be better not to include the entire digest when replying".

(btw, that's a hint)

And the new:
"Don't flame people just ideas." rule.

Shame about that one. :(