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Tue Feb 16 12:08:47 GMT 2010


"As long your <h1> <h2> and <title> tags are in right order to the keywords
you want to promote that's propably everything you can do, same with urls. "

Yeah, OK, plus I would also recommend:

1. keyword research and value
2. how about meta descriptions? (to promote CTR from the listings) followed
by A/B testing
3. analytics audit, goal setting, funnels in place
4. CSS order and page structure
5. Link landscape
6. Impact of personalisation / geo factors / social & buzz
7. Landing page optimisation

"Spend time planing an real marketing strategy"

Of which some will be your digital marketing channel, part of which is your
SEO plugging into your Conversion Marketing plan.

OK, there is a lot of SEO snake oil and I spend as much time fixing problems
as providing clear solutions but this doesnt mean all SEO advice is bad

Honestly, Marek, you suggesting SEO is a waste of time is like me suggesting
that a client should avoid hiring a web developer and just go for a DIY
approach and build your site in Drupal as everything else is just an


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On 16 February 2010 09:43, Marek Wawro <marek.wawro at> wrote:

> On 16 February 2010 09:23, nicolas alpi <nicolas.alpi at> wrote:
> > Hi _
> >
> > Jivatechnology is looking for some SEO expert to prepare a project
> launch.
> >
> > Do you have anyone to recommend?
> >
> Yes, don't take one.
> Spend time planing an real marketing strategy.
> As long your <h1> <h2> and <title> tags are in right order to the keywords
> you want to promote
> that's propably everything you can do, same with urls.  I don't have even
> doubts that your code is sementic,
> so what you will have to do right now is propably think of something more
> viral etc.
> Nic, you got excellent knowledge of Twitter API, I am assume facebook api
> is
> not something you are scared off, I am more than sure you can do that
> better
> :)
> In fact, I do belive that currently the startups are made for peaople not
> for google ranks, plus the fact is that google changing a lot right now so
> getting right "seo" expert is more than hard to achieve.
> ps. I forgot to add clean redirects is last bit what you will get as part
> of
> your "advice"
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