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[_] Magento e-commerce job

Stuart Eggleston egglestons at
Fri Feb 12 18:18:21 GMT 2010

Hi [_],

I have started some consulting with a clothing manufacturer and they need a
new ecommerce platform. I want to give them some idea of budget they need to
deliver a new online shop and so would love some ballpark costs for Magento

Yes I know you are thinking how long is a piece of string but I just want
some basic ranges of costs for a retailer with 4-5 ranges of around 5 sub
ranges in each with each of these containing around 25 products.

Integrated payments needed as well as some kind of future CRM integration.

Contact me off list at: stuart at if you are interested,
qualified and can give budget cost ideas.

Thanks all.

Stuart Eggleston