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Andy Parkhouse create at
Fri Feb 5 10:18:46 GMT 2010

Who is he / what does he do?  We have some spare space at the moment.   
We might be a fun environment for a startup.

Otherwise Set Squared is wholly recommended.

On 5 Feb 2010, at 09:58, Rick Edwards wrote:

> Hey all,
> a friend of mine has just started working for a start up and is
> currently working from home. He was asking about office space to  
> share in
> Bristol and I thought I'd ask you chaps as this sort of thing pops  
> up on _
> occasionally. Anyone do desk rental in their office, or know of  
> places that
> do? Any recommended resource for this kind of thing?
> Cheers y'all.
> rick (not Rick)
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> deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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