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Chris Garrett chris at
Thu Dec 31 16:52:32 GMT 2009

AIR's a good bet, alternative Titanium looks powerful ( but I don't know
what sort of Video support you can expect.


2009/12/31 Philip Coombes <philip.coombes at>

> Hi all and a Happy New Year also!
> I am about to get involved in a project that will have a user interface
> to a server back-end. Normally I would do this using regular xhtml, css
> and javascript (with mootools) but in this case it may not be the most
> appropriate as there will probably need to be several quite custom
> controls needed and the target audience will be of the more traditional
> type who would be expecting a standalone application.
> As an alternative I have been considering using flash or java but I
> don't really know enough about them and also I'm wondering if there
> might be something more appropriate out there that I have not thought
> of. These are basically the requirements that I have in mind.
> 1) Cross-platform (at the very least PC and Mac)
> 2) Able to run like a traditional 'app', ie able to be invoked directly
> rather than by going to a url. Must support a more 'traditional' type of
> computer user, also one who is not too technical.
> 3) Application must be easy to install. Ideally without the requirement
> to pre-install any support components (not sure if this is possible with
> java)
> 4) Good support for video. In this case CCTV type video not Youtube
> style. So any video manipulation support or DVR type controls would be a
> bonus. H.264 etc would be even better!
> 5) Able to support custom types of controls, overlays etc.
> 6) Secure. Ideally not able to be de-constructed and reassembled by
> third parties. Any keys etc in the app should preferably not be able to
> be extracted.
> 7) Built-in version and update support would be a plus.
> I would be very interested to hear if anyone has any opinions or
> experience in those kind of things and could recommend something that
> would be a best fit. There may even be some paid work going for anyone
> who can demonstrate solid UI experience as unless it does end up as web
> based I will not be doing this myself.
> Cheers,
> Philip Coombes
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