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Richard Dennys richard.dennys at
Wed Dec 30 12:02:28 GMT 2009

for overseas copyright stuff

I am not sure Twitter copyrighted anything, for someone who did, then sold it.


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2009/12/30 Thomas Buckley-Houston <tom at>

> Great response Mr. Dennys! Thanks :)
> > Anyhow, Do you mean Patent, Design, Copyright or Trademark?
> >
> Mostly I'm thinking of Trademarking, but that's only because I look at
> Twitter/Facebook/Flickr and see that there's loads of clones, so assumed
> that the best protection is just being bloody good at what you do. Mind you
> did you hear about the Microsoft-Plurk scandal in China
> unbelievable! That's quite extreme but is that
> the kind of thing that
> Patents and Copyrights can protect against? Or was it so blatant a rip-off
> that Plurk didn't need to fall back on the law?
> Just to get it clear in my head the difference between Patent and
> Copyright,
> what in your opinion do you think Twitter might have Copyrighted and what
> might have they Patented?
> I know that Patents are registered in multiple countries, is that common
> practice for Copyrights too? Should I sensibly be looking to get
> Trademarks/Copyrights/Patents in multiple countries, or maybe just here and
> the USA, or will just UK registration be enough in most cases?
> > But what happens when some guy in a bedroom in mongolia rips off your
> idea?
> > Spend thousands chasing him? or move on to the next project? You might
> just
> > want to keep rolling out the apps and spread your risk.
> >
> I think that's a good point, I understand that all this legal stuff doesn't
> make you invincible!
> Thanks again.
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