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[_] Trademarks

Thomas Buckley-Houston tom at
Wed Dec 30 11:53:07 GMT 2009

Great response Mr. Dennys! Thanks :)

> Anyhow, Do you mean Patent, Design, Copyright or Trademark?

Mostly I'm thinking of Trademarking, but that's only because I look at
Twitter/Facebook/Flickr and see that there's loads of clones, so assumed
that the best protection is just being bloody good at what you do. Mind you
did you hear about the Microsoft-Plurk scandal in China unbelievable! That's quite extreme but is that
the kind of thing that
Patents and Copyrights can protect against? Or was it so blatant a rip-off
that Plurk didn't need to fall back on the law?

Just to get it clear in my head the difference between Patent and Copyright,
what in your opinion do you think Twitter might have Copyrighted and what
might have they Patented?

I know that Patents are registered in multiple countries, is that common
practice for Copyrights too? Should I sensibly be looking to get
Trademarks/Copyrights/Patents in multiple countries, or maybe just here and
the USA, or will just UK registration be enough in most cases?

> But what happens when some guy in a bedroom in mongolia rips off your idea?
> Spend thousands chasing him? or move on to the next project? You might just
> want to keep rolling out the apps and spread your risk.

I think that's a good point, I understand that all this legal stuff doesn't
make you invincible!

Thanks again.