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Richard Dennys richard.dennys at
Wed Dec 30 10:34:17 GMT 2009

Hi Thomas,

It's an interesting question. Most UK trading laws seem inadequate for the
internet. For example if you sell an app, the customer has 7 days to reject
it to get their money back, even if it works, under the distance selling
directive. Seen this referred to on Itunes t&cs? No thought not.

Anyhow, Do you mean Patent, Design, Copyright or Trademark?

Trademark is for logos,, brands etc. It's quite straightforward to register
a trademark

Patents is for stuff like software, special sauces, web applications.

You should also look into the copyright as well. Even something as basic as
printing out the code base, or the fundamental purpose of the app then
posting it to yourself (ensuring the postmark as evidence of the date). But
clearly don't open the envelope when it comes back to you.!!

You shouldn't need a lawyer really unless you spot an infringement. Or cant
be arsed to go through the process yourself. and have cash to burn in which
case is a friend of mine, tell him I sent you.

But what happens when some guy in a bedroom in mongolia rips off your idea?
Spend thousands chasing him? or move on to the next project? You might just
want to keep rolling out the apps and spread your risk.

Good luck.

ps if you need help marketing it, let me know - under NDA of course!

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2009/12/30 Thomas Buckley-Houston <tom at>

> Ho there,
> Can anyone give me the lowdown on trademarking a web application? How
> important is it? Also seeing as the internet is essentially international
> territory do I have to register a trademark in every major country?
> Thanks,
> tom
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