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Dave Sayer dave at
Wed Dec 23 11:24:27 GMT 2009

> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Tim Marsh
> <timothy.j.marsh at> wrote:
>> really ? ..reflects badly on their developers?
>> developer to developer its not pretty, but you show me a developer that
>> hasnt delivered a site that they're not 100% happy with, and I'll show you
>> someone who's either done one site, or who is buy me a lottery ticket please
>> as you're bound to win it for me, lucky.

Fair comment Tim.

I am completely in agreement that as a developer working in a
commercial environment, delivering a project that is 100% spot on in
all aspects is totally unrealistic due to budget, expectations,
timescales, moving goal posts, wind changing direction, etc. Perhaps I
was a little quick to judge the developers of the Dixons site but from
my perspective, as a front end developer, I don't see a need for this
level of hackery. I've worked at Future as a front end dev for 3 or so
years, and been involved in some large web builds with tight deadlines
but we've never had to go to those lengths to make IE6 play nice. Yes,
we've used conditional comments but only to pull in minimal targeted
css. This to me is maintainable, the  use of conditionals to serve
table based mark up to ie isn't. Also, it's a very rare thing, to have
the luxury of going back to refactor elements of projects because
things weren't done right the first time.

Yes, the client doesn't care if the code is pure and makes the baby
Jesus grin like a Cheshire cat, as long as the site is getting clicks
and the business is getting sales, what does it matter?? I am
painfully aware of this at times! It doesn't matter I guess but from a
developers point of view, it makes me weep. It's not my site, i didn't
build it, I won't be using it, so it shouldn't really bother me. I was
just offering my tuppence worth.

Sorry if i've caused upset and offended anyone.
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