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[_] Tuesday Funny

Paddy Uglow paddy at
Wed Dec 23 10:11:21 GMT 2009

>Personally, I don't really mind the niceties of code design - it's the core
usability of the site that sucks. I know all us web designers love doing "Cool
things" but to the business, cool = clicks -> sales

It's code-bloat that gets my goat. I know everyone has myriads of
giga-bytes/hertz these days, but I still think the mark of a good programmer
is someone that can code an operation so it uses the least possible
resources; people end up loading big js libraries to do things that css can
do perfectly well and with less lines, and writing extra code to undo
unwanted things that a bolt-on module has done, or to correct incompatible
If everyone shaved a few K off the size of their pages, there'd be more
bandwidth.... hmm, more bandwidth for spam probably, but still, worth doing.
Downloading skype the other day I was thinking "how can it POSSIBLY need to
be 76MB?!"
- Paddy