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[_] Tuesday Funny

Tim Marsh timothy.j.marsh at
Tue Dec 22 20:48:26 GMT 2009

> However: whatever the reasons, it still seems like a fairly desperate
> way of fixing a bug - which makes me think the development process was
> far from smooth, whoever's fault that may be.
> being the curious kind of chap that I am I had a hunch that there was a
reason to do this in this way.. and came up with this on stackoverflow as a
possible explanation after a quick google

"The only legit non-JS workaround albeit nasty is using conditionals and a
table element:"...

so maybe we can call it IE6's fault, or whoever specified that the site
would have to work in that way in  IE6s' fault ?

if I was given making this design work in IE6 as a requirement, I would
probably ended up on google -> stack overflow -> that site too , and rather
than tearing my hear out done that, and  then gotten on with making the rest
of the site work,
my guess is that there are probably a couple of jsf taglibs lying around
that'll wrap that mess up so I dont have to think about it, and can drive
the requirement of the top menu nicely..

now why do it in pure CSS, thats a question I dont know the answer to ?,
accessibility maybe, or SEO-ness of the menu...

Like you said yourself , I too dont know what the requirements, or the time
pressures presented to the development team were.. so I'm just guessing