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Rick Edwards rick.edwards at
Tue Dec 22 17:54:28 GMT 2009

2009/12/22 Tim Marsh <timothy.j.marsh at>

> sure its the ideal to get clean, compliant code that works.. but in the
> real
> world.. tis not always that easy , sometimes you have to take the technical
> debt [] on the chin today
>  and then fix it tomorrow in order to deliver on time, other times you may
> be lucky enough to be able to deliver the perfect solution on time every
> time.
Cool, went to a talk by Gary Short at UWE on technical debt, very
informative, gave some great metrics on how to measure it. We now talk about
it extensively when discussing new development. The problem is being allowed
to address the debt once the code is released, something higher management
can't always grasp as beneficial/cost effective (hey it works, why do you
need to refactor it?), we throw the classic sawtooth diagram at them and
then show what happens if you don't address it and the potential costs
involved, usually gets them interested!

rick (not Rick)