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Tim Marsh timothy.j.marsh at
Tue Dec 22 17:33:52 GMT 2009

really ? ..reflects badly on their developers?
developer to developer its not pretty, but you show me a developer that
hasnt delivered a site that they're not 100% happy with, and I'll show you
someone who's either done one site, or who is buy me a lottery ticket please
as you're bound to win it for me, lucky.

sure its the ideal to get clean, compliant code that works.. but in the real
world.. tis not always that easy , sometimes you have to take the technical
debt [] on the chin today
 and then fix it tomorrow in order to deliver on time, other times you may
be lucky enough to be able to deliver the perfect solution on time every

I know its easy to criticise from the vacuum that is the 1% (a guess) of
people who view source, and know enough to know better,  I'm sure I do it..
but in this case..  reflects badly on the developer.. have to disagree on
that one.

2009/12/22 Dave Sayer <dave at>

> 2009/12/22 Leo Pitt <leopitt at>:
> > Anyone looked at the source code? I don't recollect seeing IE
> > conditional comments being used so excessively... Surely there's got to
> > be something a bit wrong with your XHTML and CSS if you need to fall
> > back on conditional comments to that degree...
> >
> > Granted that in completely practical terms I can't think of an obvious
> > problem with this technique for the site visitor, it does make me
> > question the capabilities of the developers.
> >
> > Horrible ...
> I saw a site the other day (can't remember which) that used this
> method in the html. It's f-ing awful! They serve ie6 tables and
> everything else tableless layout. It looks like an absolute bitch to
> maintain and to me, really does reflect badly on their developers.
> Cheers,
> D
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