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[_] Tuesday Funny

Leo Pitt leopitt at
Tue Dec 22 16:20:23 GMT 2009

Hamish Atkinson wrote:
> Also, out of interest, I just tried 6 times to use the Dixons main
> navigation to open Printers & Scanners > Printers > All in one Printers
> But I kept falling off the desired item and had to start again (using a
> trackpad, might be easier with a mouse). 

Anyone looked at the source code? I don't recollect seeing IE 
conditional comments being used so excessively... Surely there's got to 
be something a bit wrong with your XHTML and CSS if you need to fall 
back on conditional comments to that degree...

Granted that in completely practical terms I can't think of an obvious 
problem with this technique for the site visitor, it does make me 
question the capabilities of the developers.

Horrible ...