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[_] Tuesday Funny

Hamish Atkinson hamish.atkinson at
Tue Dec 22 15:41:16 GMT 2009

Also, out of interest, I just tried 6 times to use the Dixons main
navigation to open Printers & Scanners > Printers > All in one Printers

But I kept falling off the desired item and had to start again (using a
trackpad, might be easier with a mouse). Perhaps Dixons could market their
website as a game for kids (like the classic game Operation, where you need
a steady hand to get what you want, or that game where you have to follow a
wire to the end without touching it).

I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity (i.e. an email criticizing
the web site led me to look for something I wanted). But there is such a
thing as a website that makes it so difficult to get where you want that you
give up and go to Google Shopping... and after they got my initial page
impression for free, from underscore. What a waste.

Now, on practical terms, how to fix... perhaps the onMouseOut event could
set a Timeout that closes the div? A mouseOver event before it fired could
cancel the timeout. Or, simpler, just make the div less wide, and each item
taller, so it's easier to stay in the right place with your mouse?

For an alternative menu menu navigation problem, take a look at Richer
Sounds site: Their problem - there is a 1 pix
gap between the menu item and its child. So if you move the mouse slowly
down to the sub-item, the menu disappears! You have to rush, so the mouse
pointer never has time to sit on the pixel between the menu items!!!

But at least Richer Sounds prices are good enough to make you persevere. . .

Hamish Atkinson
hamish.atkinson at

2009/12/22 Hamish Atkinson <hamish.atkinson at>

> Me too. Have to say the header looks rather empty, rather too much white
> space (if you don't count the snowflakes repeating background image)
> Surely they meant to have the Dixons logo in-line with the search box? Why
> did they use a <p> tag?
> (Viewing in FF2, in case you can't see what I mean in your browser)
> Hamish Atkinson
> <hamish.atkinson at>