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[_] Tuesday Funny

Hamish Atkinson hamish.atkinson at
Tue Dec 22 15:18:39 GMT 2009

Me too. Have to say the header looks rather empty, rather too much white
space (if you don't count the snowflakes repeating background image)
Surely they meant to have the Dixons logo in-line with the search box? Why
did they use a <p> tag?
(Viewing in FF2, in case you can't see what I mean in your browser)

Hamish Atkinson
hamish.atkinson at

2009/12/22 Paddy Uglow <paddy at>

> ...And I thought I was being really thick! "What's so funny about 'latest
> technology, low prices'?" I thought.
> It looks like their strapline dept are all social mediaheads. Maybe it's an
> machiavelian (can't be bothered to look up the spelling, sorry) marketing
> scheme?
> - Paddy, on my own in cold office.
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