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[_] Wall of Dingbats

Tom Gidden tom at
Mon Dec 21 14:52:33 GMT 2009

Hey _,

Just a bit of Monday fun here:

This is an "almost live" display of the puzzles being solved by the players of our iPhone game.  We've been capturing the data so we can adapt the difficulty levels of different cards and figure out how people are playing it.

Anyway, one side-effect is what happens when a player regains internet access after playing for a while.  The updates are queued until they can be sent to our servers, and to make the wall more interesting, the cards are "pinged" at submit time rather than play time.

Wait about 10 seconds :)   And a little later:

Unfortunately, there aren't enough audio objects to cope with all the simultaneous pings.

As per usual, this is broken in IE, but watch me _try_ to care.


Tom Gidden