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[_] correct treatment of laptop batteries

Fraser Stephens frstep at
Sat Dec 19 19:20:45 GMT 2009

2009/12/19 Tom Gidden <tom at>:
> Over the space of 18-24 months, the hassle of being prissy about battery usage; discharge cycles; etc. is going to be more of a problem than just budgeting for a new battery every few years.  Compared to the ~£2000 initial spend on a top-end MBP, it's minor.

I agree. I cycle the battery fully once in a while to allow the
calibration to stay updated, but mostly have the machine plugged in to
power. Probably a couple of times in an average week I more than half
run down the battery due to travelling etc, and I've found that for a
couple of years the battery is fine. Since it is my main tool of work,
after 2.5 years of constant use it is about time to buy another
machine and I keep the old one as a back up, or pass it on to a family
member.  I did by a 2nd battery for my iBook after about 3 years, but
it didn't last long, maybe because it was not being used.

(No real evidence, but I get the impression that with batteries,
constant use is good for them. The people who have had ipod batteries
fail early are the people who leave it uncharged in a draw for weeks
at a time, and then find it won't hold charge when they want to use it
for a trip. My iPod's been used every day for 2.5 years and still runs
for 18 hours, exactly as it did when new.)


Fraser Stephens