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[_] correct treatment of laptop batteries

Chris Heeney grungi at
Sat Dec 19 11:54:38 GMT 2009

Hi Mike,

This link has the best info you'll find on it in my opinion:

Chris Heeney

On 19/12/2009 10:52, mike karthauser wrote:
> having just had the job of replacing a mbp battery that lasted not much over 300 charges, i am keen to know the correct behaviour for battery charging to ensure a long life.
> i've usually cycled a new battery for a number of charges and then tend to leave the power in at work so the battery remains fully charged so its good to last when i'm on the move.
> the genius at apple store suggested leaving on power was bad for a battery and that it should be fully charged and then run off the battery till its flat and then recharged. This sounds a bit odd seeing as the battery is lithium. any expert views i can follow?
> thanks
> mikek