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[_] OT: large conference venues in Bristol

Matt Hamilton matth at
Fri Dec 18 16:23:03 GMT 2009

On 18 Dec 2009, at 16:18, Richard Dennys wrote:

> and unless they are all sharing, thats 400 rooms which is a lot.  
> Thistle has
> 289 beds, and some are twins, some are doubles
> don't envy you with that one..

Yeah, it is a lot of people. I know it is a challenge, but I really  
want Bristol to pull through on this one. I really don't want to have  
to move the event to somewhere else just because we can't get a decent  
venue organised.

> have you thought of UWE? they have conferencing, plus if you do it  
> during
> student holidays loads of pretty cheap student rooms for rent.

They could be good... but again they are quite far out the centre, and  
I really want somewhere within walking distance of the centre so  
people can explore bristol a bit and go out for meals and drinks etc.  
I'd rather not have everyone stuck out on a campus out of town.


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